Name: Mary Ann Prosise

Age: 20

Occupation: Server at Outback Steakhouse and part-time wedding coordinator

Hometown: Nashville, TN


Biggest date fear? 

My biggest date fear would probably have to be something going horribly wrong if we were at a restaurant, like if I were to spill something all over myself or get food in my teeth while talking. Tripping and falling on my face would be pretty bad, too (this tends to happen quite often).


Top 3 Things on my Bucket List:

First would most definitely be to travel to Venice, Italy. I've only been to Mexico and Italy looks absolutely incredible and has always been somewhere I'd love to travel to. Second, I'd love to go hiking in the Grand Canyon. I love hiking and I love a challenge. Third, I want to go on a missions trip to Africa. Anything I can do to be the hands and feet of Jesus and minister to those less fortunate!


A typical Saturday night:

I'm a very busy girl. I'm in school full-time during the week and work two part-time jobs while also attending church and bible study at least three times a week. If I have the opportunity to have a Saturday night off, the greatest thing I can imagine is to curl up on the couch with either a good movie or a book and just unwind. Don't get me wrong, I love going out to dinner and parties and having a good time, but sometimes a night on the couch is all you need!