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Woody and Jim


You don't want this in your fruit!

Arachnophobes look away.
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Colorado town's water is full of THC!

That's the active ingredient in marijuana. Bottled water being sent in.
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Most searched for Pokemon in every state.

You might also like:  Imagine what the world would be like if Pokemon Go happened in real life, as opposed to just through your smartphone.  Now you can! Read...
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Video: Celine Dion slays w impressions of Rihanna and Sia.

Possibly the best Wheel of Impressions yet.
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Nashville Mom Gives Child Car Keys, Kid Rolls It.

A Nashville mother gave her kid the keys to her car and let him drive. He rolled the car with 4 friends inside. And believe it or not, we feel kinda bad for this mom. She screwed up....
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LISTEN: There's an OFFICIAL Pokemon Go Song!

It's taken over your life. Now let it in your ears.
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Tennessee EMS crews warned to be on guard.

It's so sad that even they have to be careful of ambushes like the cops.
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Kesha announces tour!

After years of legal battles, she's touring again.
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Will anyone drink hot soda on a hot day for concert tix?

Yeah, it's stupid. But would someone do it?
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RIP Taylor Swift mural in Austrailia

But gets weird too.
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