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Woody and Jim


Chad the super villian of The Bachelorette talks trash.

The Chad Bear laid it out the way he sees it.
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A loving tribute to Miss Cleo phone scam.

Even if you don't remember the famous psychic, this will make you laugh.
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If Walmart sends you this check, THROW IT OUT.

Consumer warning!
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Dad Chokes Up After B-Day Prank on Son

A dad showed me this and we were both crying.
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Deputy prays with man after he pulls him over.

Scary situation turns into happy tears.
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YouTubesDay Artist of the Week: Brandon Chase

YouTubesDay Artist of the Week, Brandon Chase, is legit so freakin' good!   Plus he definitely doesn't hurt the eyes.... ;)    Watch his original music video...
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Norman Reedus Glitter Pranks Andrew Lincoln

You have to be good friends to survive this prank.
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VIDEO: Justin Timberlake / Steph Curry / Alfonso Ribeiro do the "Carlton" dance.

It got all Fresh Prince out there.
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5 Reasons Why Comic Con Was The Best Ever For Girls.

Not just for fanBOYS anymore
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You don't want this in your fruit!

Arachnophobes look away.
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