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Criminal mugshot goes viral.

Posted June 19th, 2014 @ 8:37pm

Jeremy Meeks was arrested with others in a gun sweep by the Stockton, CA Police Department. He is a convicted felon.

His picture has attracted over 27,000 likes on their Facebook page.  And it's growing.  Comments are over 8,000.

Some think he's dead sexy and want him. "Daaaamn. And I'm sorry..felon=hotter.  I could change him.....i just know it." Some use the #hottiethug

Some are being sarcastic or jabbing at the droolers. "This guy is good looking, but a total criminal that would probably beat you or throw you into sex trafficking. I mean how desperate are we nowadays to have common criminals as heartthrobs? Raise your standards, ladies."

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