Oh lawdy lawdy.


The topic dominating this morning is baby related…but nothing to do with the royal baby (who, at this moment, hasn’t been born). It’s: 1 in 5 moms admit their kids aren’t cute when they first “meet” them. As in: Newborns.  




If you’re a mom, you didn’t gasp. If you are a mom and did; you’re not being honest. Newborn babies aren’t considered “cute”. I will admit that I looked at my newborn son and started to worry. “What if he doesn’t get cute?” “What if I don’t love him?” Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Someone called in to say ‘the uglier the baby, the cuter they become.’ Another said their child 'looked like Shrek'. I love it!


Bless our hearrrrrts!


This morning is Twinkie-okie. It’s our way of mushing together the comeback of Twinkies and Bruno Mars. How do they go together? They don’t. Just go with it. We’ve got a giant tower of Twinkies still waiting. A box is open at the top and I’m convinced someone came into the studio yesterday and snacked on the spongy goodness. We seriously need cameras in the studio. Oh, the things that can happen behind closed doors.


Monique and Toyin are here. Don’t know who they are? They want to see Bruno Mars on August 17th at the Bridgestone Arena. They’ll be shoving said Twinkies into their mouth and trying to sing Bruno Mars a-la-karaoke. The thing is, they can actually sing.


This morning marks the first time Monique has ever had a twinkie


Toyin isn’t a newbie to the dessert, she had her first YESTERDAY! I believe we’ve found the only two people in the world who didn’t drown their childhood sorrows with a box of Twinkies. Wait…you didn’t?



After we put it out to you all, you’re votes determined the winner. It’s TOYIN!!! She’s got two tickets. Anyone want a new friend in Toyin? This is what she’ll be watching LIVE!


Here are the good sports (Monique on the left and Toyin on the right).





There’s a bug in the hallway. I about broke my neck trying to avoid it at the last minute. Barf. The bug can do what it wants but if the crunching sound was anywhere near me, I’d probably melt into the floor (but not next to the bug cuz that’s gross)


Woody came to the rescue. He cleaned it up like a man. Speaking of… wait, I’ll talk about that in a second.


Do you like how we have an eating contest and find a bug on the floor all in the same morning? Hey, we never claimed to be sanitary. There’s a chair here in studio that I think was left under a power line…if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.



I’m noticing something different about Woody. He’s looking dapper. I don’t know what it is? Hair longer? New facial hair? Noo…oh my gosh, what is it? How would that conversation go? “Hello co-worker, you look attractive and I’m going to stand here and look you in the eye in order to create the most awkward conversation on the planet.”



I guess he wouldn’t be offended if I asked him what’s more attractive because, yesterday, he ALMOST asked someone when they were due. They aren’t pregnant. Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t say that I blame him. I have totally been there. Have you ever done that?


Question: What happens when you come in studio peeling from a sunburn?

Answer: Riley likes to peel it.



With that, we’re out. I should have warned you…don’t eat while reading this post.