This may be the best idea or the worst idea in the world. If you have low self-confidence, don't click on the link. It will do you no good. 

ANAFACE.COM analyzes your face to determine how your facial structure and shape rates on a hotness scale. The highest you can go is 10. 

Woody was too skurrrrrd to upload his photo. I was not because I'm probably harder on my looks than anyone else. This is what happened: 

I can't say that I disagree. Why the long face, Tawsha? 

Then, after hearing that FHM has named Jennifer Lawrence as the Sexiest Woman in the World (seriously? the whole WOOOORRRRLLLLDDD? Yep, I'm at it again). We need to see if, in fact, Jennifer is the sexiest woman. 

Oh, touche! She's not far. Daaaaaang!

Now we attempt to enter perfection. We wanted to see if someone could score a perfect 10. Who else would we upload into but Zac Efron. 

He broke it! Apparently Anaface doesn't go above 10. 

I attempted to put other people in after this and it worked. So I uploaded Zac again and the SAME THING HAPPENED! 

I die. Okay, not really. Sort of. 

You try it and comment with your score. Agree? Disagree?