Attention class... Here's what I did on my Christmas vacation.  I went on a multimedia binge. Here's my list and reviews.

At the movies:
The Hobbit... pretty good. Too much padding. Could have been an hour shorter. B
Les Miserables... hated the play and fell asleep.  Loved the movie.  Took about a half hour to get used to them singing every line. Singing was OK. Acting was great. I cried. A-
At home movies:
Anchorman: Repeated viewig for me. First time family saw it and laughed their a$$e$ off. B+
Slingblade: Creepy and uncomfortable. B
Queen of Versailles: Documentary about this uber-rich family who is building this biggest house in America, then the bank crisis/recession hits and they lost most of their money and can't finish the house. Fascinating. A-
Tin Tin- Wow. Amazing CGI. Coupled with a "who gives a bleep story".  C
Team America: Watched it for the first time in years. Loved it again. A
Christmas Vacation: Haven't seen it in ages. Didn't hold up well. C+
Moonrise Kingdom: Wes Anderson movies are weird. Ina good way. A-
Jiro Dreams of Sushi: Only watched about 6 minutes. It's about a guy who has a sushi restaurant in a subway tunnel and you need reservations a year in advance. Got great reviews. Don't know if I can watch more. I don't like Sushi.
4 parts of the 10 part Catholicism Series with Rev Robert Barron: If you're Catholic A+. If you're not. Don't bother.
Hall Pass: Very funny. B+
Black Swan: Freaky and disturbing. Even with the whole Mila Kunis/Natalie Portman scene, too depressing. C
tv shows I never saw before:
Sherlock BBC: Fantastic. Funny. Clever. A
Homeland Season 1: Haven't gotten to it yet, but can't wait.

Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest: Last of the "Girl Who..." trilogy. B+
1Q84: Just started it. Highly acclaimed from a Japanese author. I'll let you know.