I've been away from the show for a few days. and here's why. I've been traveling to see my mom who is battling cancer in Buffalo. That's her above with me (on the left with my brothers years ago) While I hate the reason I'm here, and it's been an ordeal getting here, I can't help but feel blessed.

Mom's been battling for years and been winning for way longer than most doctors gave her credit. Blessed.

She's been in the hospital for almost 4 weeks, but is slowly improving. She may come home next week. Blessed.

My dad (Ed) and mom (Sophie).


While she's in there, I'm living like a bachelor with my dad. We have gone out to eat, watched hockey, and I showed him Anchorman for the first time. Blessed. 

On my way here, I drove to Cincinnatti to take the Megabus to Buffalo so I could sleep most of the way. The bus drove off to change drivers and never came back.  I was able to stay overnight at my brother's house in Cinci and visited with his family. Blessed.

Drove the rest of the way myself and my car overheated and died as I pulled into my parents apartment complex. Blessed.

It can be fixed (for $1,000). But it is being fixed. Blessed.

Mom's been able to talk with me for several hours every day. We've talked about old times, our favorite tv shows, and what she's going through. Blessed.

I missed the Nashville ice.  I've experienced some winter weather too.  Blessed.

I've seen my brother in Buffalo and his family more than I have in years. And it's like I never moved away. We make fun of everything. This video made us laugh like crazy.

Thanks for your kind words in person, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. People keep thinking this has been a terrible trip for me, but I think it's been great. God has helped me get here despite lots of problems. I hope it continues as I head home.

Thanks for listening. Can't wait to be back in Nashville later in the week.