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Woody and Jim


Now you can buy just the Charms from Lucky Charms!

We can feel the sugar rush already.
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Top 5 Things That Made This The Most Bizarre Week In Nashville Restaurant History!

Nashville made national news for crazy things.
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Adele invites fan in drag on stage.

What's better than one Adele? Two.
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The cosplay girls at Comic Con make how much????

Dressing like Harley Quinn for lonely boys at the cons can make you rich.
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Snooki unleashes music video on unsuspecting world.

The MTV reality star sings about problems w nipples, stretch marks, and breastfeeding.
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Chad the super villian of The Bachelorette talks trash.

The Chad Bear laid it out the way he sees it.
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A loving tribute to Miss Cleo phone scam.

Even if you don't remember the famous psychic, this will make you laugh.
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If Walmart sends you this check, THROW IT OUT.

Consumer warning!
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Dad Chokes Up After B-Day Prank on Son

A dad showed me this and we were both crying.
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Deputy prays with man after he pulls him over.

Scary situation turns into happy tears.
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