The Bluebird Cafe, where country singer/song writers get their start, and where country legends drop in...

was graced with an impromptu performance by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Tuesday night, according to Newschannel 5.  

4 Songwriters were on the bill. It so happens that one of them wrote co-wrote the hit "jaded" and invited Tyler to join him to sing it on stage. After that, Tyler sat at the piano and treated everyone to "Dream On".

Only in Nashville.

Steven is in town writing music.

Speaking of songwriters... have you seen the story of the 96 yr old man who wrote a song for his deceased wife that is outselling Justin Timberlake and Miley on iTunes.

Wanna se the steamy Dior commercial starring Robert Pattinson that can only be seen in Europe?

Don't tell anyone we have it.