A few weeks ago, Nashville made world headlines when a small plane crashed (and the pilot was killed) and wasn't discovered on the runway for 6 hours. Only when the extremely dense fog lifted did someone see the wreckage (that was a mile away from the tower).

It was already strange:

  • The plane landed in the worst fog we've seen in a long time. Almost no plane could fly, much less land in that dense fog.
  • The pilot turned off the transponder that tells air trafic control who and where he is.
  • The pilot never got on the radio to communicate with anyone.
  • The pilot flew from Canada and had a filed a fake flight plan that said he was flying somewhere else in Canada.
  • He rented the plane.

So people speculated:

  • Was on the run from the law?
  • Was he smuggling something?
  • Was he a terrorist?

Well. It turns out he just might have been a Taylor Swift stalker.  Local news outlets are reporting he listed Taylor Swift as his next of kin. Taylor's people say she has no connection to the man.

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