• Even when you win, you just can't win. That's what this year's Biggest Loser champion must be thinking.


Some people say she over-did her weight loss and got too skinny. Even trainers Bob and Jillian were a bit shocked when she entered the stage for the finale.


Rachel Frederickson started at 260 lbs and lost almost 60% of her body weight. She lost 155 lbs total and won the $250,000 prize.


But she says she did everything the right way. She says she ate 1,600 calories a day and exercised "a ton".  And Rachel countered critics by saying she did it all under the supervision of trained medical staff from the show.


According to the body mass index, she's officially underweight at 5'5" and 105 lbs. But she sidestepped the criticism of some who thought she might have an eating disorder during a conference call. 

"I see a strong, confident woman. I feel great."