Cosmo has decided that the new iPhone colors have meaning for you and your personality. Here's what your choice says about you. These are kind of messed up. We paraphrase, but this is what they say:

Green. You blog to make a bold statement and you're considering a mullet. (What?!) It will replace your go-to beaded clutch, which you wear with ikat pants, because you're not afraid to mix prints. 

Grey. You're chic. You like modern art and sushi.You follow @NotTildaSwinton on Twitter, but only snicker about it to yourself quietly.

Light Blue. You  says things like "I'm obsessed with Twitter." If you're a man, you carry a murse. Selena Gomez is on your iTunes playlist. 

Pink. Carrie from Sex in the City is your style maven. You wear Kate Spade at weddings. You are Shoshanna on Girls

Yellow. You're the Hollywood type. You like mahi mahi tacos. You use "yolo" and take lots of selfies at outdoor concerts like Coachella.

OK then.

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