Woody continues to lose this weight. He is meeting with a trainer, eating right (most days) and has learned a thing or two - one of which NONE of us knew. He's this knowledge source. It's almost like we have a verbal trainer...that doesn't make us burn calories.

It's a win-win, really.

The scale Woody has been using is a hot mess. I don't know why we didn't change it up in the beginning but there's no way he can gain 5 pounds by merely stepping on the scale, stepping off and then trying it again. Hot. Mess.

After a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at home (Woody's son is going into the Navy shortly so they celebrated early), the numbers were...well...watch...

Here are some lessons from Professor Woody:

  1. Asparagus flushes out your system. Eat it before a weigh-in.
  2. Do weights and then cardio. If you're going into the gym looking to shed the pounds, start with weights. The weights will burn the sugar and then your cardio will burn the fat. (We had NO idea!)

Since the beginning of this weight loss extravaganza (yes, it's that big), we were checking in with Buddha the cat. Not long ago, we learned that Buddha is being watched closely due to a heart issue. They will continue to care for the slim down kitty but weight loss isn't the primary focus. That being said, we'll keep you updated if you're still interested but we won't have regular updates.

Have a great day, all!

Producer Tawsha