Woody's quest to rid the extra weight continues. Not only does he put pressure on himself to lose this weight but he is now competing against a fat cat in Nashville. His name is Buddha.

We are entering week 4 so let's find out how Woody did...

Woot! Last week's weight was 198lbs. This week, the scale read: 197. That's a 1 pound loss. Progress not perfection!

Now, since it's a competition, we need to check in with Buddha. Last week he lost nothing. NOTHING I tell you.

Last week, Buddha weighed in at 27.2 pounds. This week: He is 26.8 pounds.

Wanna talk body weight percentages?

Woody: .5%  Buddha: 1.5%

Buddha wins!!!   Who will win next week? The Wednesday Weigh Ins happen at 7:40am.

Someone has figured out which Disney princesses will probably get divorced!