Buddha photo credit: Penny Adams Photography

Woody is weighing in each week on Wednesdays and now he has a little competition. His name is Buddha and he's a cat. You can follow Buddha on Facebook, too. Click HERE for his page.

Buddha is determined to lose the weight. Both Woody and Buddha were on the treadmill yesterday werkin' it! Who will drop the weight more quickly?

Woody weighed in this morning and is now understanding why women say what they say when they step on the scale. We're not making excuses, it REALLY does fluxuate. The scale...not us, of course.

Week 2 Weigh In:

Woody: 207lbs - 204lbs = 3lbs and 1.45% loss

Buddha: 31.4 - 26.8 = 4.6lbs and 14.65% loss

Week #2 = Buddha for the win!


Week 1 Weigh In:

(Jim is going to be SO MAD that I took a vertical video rather than horizontal. I promise it won't happen again *wince*. -Tawsha)

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To give him a little boost, Riley introduces Woody to his first healthy snack.