Some of the Weirdest Florida Headlines in 2017

Ah, Florida. Beautiful land and water, warm temperatures...and weird headlines that we can ALWAYS count on to entertain. Let's take a look back at some of the most unusual things that Floridians did in 2017! this man who PUNCHED an ATM because it gave him too much money (can an ATM give ME too much money please?).

Or this guy who dialed 911 for a totally not OK reason.

This guy is probably my favorite - he's just out there living his best life! Although maybe he could have found a safer place to eat his pancakes.

This Florida lady got a DUI for riding a horse while intoxicated...oops! (Definitely didn't know you could get a DUI not in a car!)

I mean, who hasn't done this on a Friday night?

In this guy's defense, the solar eclipse WAS super cool - can't blame him!

Lastly, an article I don't even have words for.

Stay weird, Florida!

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