McDonald's Items You Won't Find in the States!

If you thought McDonald's had a completely universal menu in all their restaurants - think again!

There are actually a bunch of unique items that you can get at locations around the world that you CAN'T get in the United States!


The locations in Thailand have probably the most unique menus - including this Samurai Pork Burger!


Not only do Japan McDonald's locations serve Filet-O-Fish (as a BREAKFAST item!) and a squid-ink burger with a black bun, they also serve chocolate covered fries!


Look at how fancy (one of) their locations is! Plus they have a huge menu: sweet potato fries, onion rings, pasta salad and lots of fish items!


Since most of the population is either vegetarian or doesn't eat beef, it's no surprise that Indian McDonald's locations have a large vegetarian menu! Some of their items include the Veg Pizz McPuff (a vegetarian pizza pocket), a chicken version of the Big Mac, as well as a vegetarian patty - made from corn and cheese.


Of course French locations sell macarons! They also have a bunch of fancy items like an Alpine Burger, a Blue Cheese Burger and a lot bigger McCafe portion of their menu.


Their locations offer a Pico Guacamole Burger, Jalapeno Poppers and even a Queso pie (omg yum). They also offer Salsa Verde and chimichurri!

Personally this just makes me want to travel around the world trying all the different McDonald's locations!

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