Logan Paul Plays the Victim on Instagram Post

So Cardi B posted an Instagram photo about how she had haters regarding her recent grammy win.

 And Logan Paul decided to play the victim and comment on it saying "Lawlz u tellin me" (his words - not mine).


ere's what I have to say about that - DUDE you only have "haters" because you made light of suicide and were completely disrespectful toward the topic in general AND disrespected Japanese culture at the same time!

 Now I'd like to believe that people can change for the better...but his comment just says to me "I feel like I'm being wrongly "hated"" - it doesn't really seem like he feels remorseful about what he did.

Cardi B fans agreed - many of them replied to Logan's comment telling him to shut up and stop playing the victim.

 He's going to have to try a lot harder if he wants his apology to be backed up by his actions. The world is watching, Logan.

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