Megan Barry + Bodyguard Planned to Travel to Grammys

More news just keeps coming out about mayor Megan Barry's affair with her bodyguard Sgt. Rob Forrest.

As previously reported, Barry and Forrest traveled alone together on 10 out-of-state trips since April 2016.

Apparently, they were set to attend NYC between January 26th and 29th - to attend the 2018 Music Cares Person of the Year AND the 2018 Grammy Awards. Forrest announced his retirement a week and half prior to the NYC trip.

She ended up changing her plans last minute though, and came home instead of attending the awards.

When answering other questions regarding her affair, she simply said "I'm cooperating with the TBI."

The mayor also sat down to answer questions one-on-one with Fox 17 - she discussed rebuilding trust with her husband and the city of Nashville, responses to her social media posts and whether or not she brought her bodyguard with her on trips where her husband was also there.

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