Eccentric Nashville Restaurants You Need to Try

Santa's Pub

2225 Bransford Ave (Berry Hill)

Hailed one of America's best dive bars, Santa's Pub is a trailer decorated for Christmas year-round!


Mas Tacos Por Favor

732 Mcferrin Avenue

Food truck turned restaurant, Mas Tacos has some of the best tacos in Nashville - and they're only $3!

Pfunky Griddle

2800 Bransford Ave (Berry Hill)

Pfunky Griddle gets pretty busy on the weekends so be prepared to wait - but it's worth it! You get to choose your pancake ingredients and you make your own food right at your table!

Hermitage Cafe

71 Hermitage Ave (Downtown)

You've probably driven by the Hermitage Cafe thousands of times and never thought anything of it - but it's actually considered a favorite by many locals! Cheap diner food but unconventional hours (they're closed between 1:30 and 10pm every day).


411 Gallatin Avenue (East Nashville)

Considered to be Nashville's oldest dive bar, you can get the all-American food experience here!


5304 Charlotte Ave (West Nashville)

Looking for healthier alternatives? EiO & the Hive has organic local options! Plus tons of great photoshoot locations within the restaurant.

HQ Beercade

114 2nd Ave South (Downtown)

Originally from Chicago, HQ Beercade is an 80's/arcade themed bar tucked away off Broadway. They have good food, craft beer and unique decorations throughout the bar (I mean, the women's bathroom has a wall full of plants!)

BONUS: If you're SUPER outgoing and don't get embarrassed easily, check out their Savage Trivia on Wednesday nights!

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