Life Size Replica of Millennium Falcon Near Nashville


A short drive from Nashville is an almost-exact, life-size replica of the greatest space ship ever. The Millennium Falcon is in Alabama. Greg Dietrich, Jake Polatty, and friends who love Star Wars have spent the last 6 years working on their labor of love inside a garage.

Where in Alabama? In Hunstville of course! It is Rocket City.

At first Dietrich created the console of controls and posted the plans to an internet fan site where enthusiasts share ideas about movie replicas.


But soon, people loved his design so well, they said, you have to build the wall in the back of the cockpit. Then they said, you gotta build this and that too. 6 years later, they have this amazing replica of Han Solo's famous ship (that won from Lando Calrissian).

They regularly post updates to their Facebook Page. Read in more here in Wired.



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