Nashville Could Outlaw Plastic Bags

If certain members of Nashville's Metro Council have their way, we could say bye-bye to plastic grocery bags. They've proposed that we switch to paper and reusable bags to be more environmentally friendly. It'll come up tonight in the Metro Council meeting.


Davette Blalock and Mike Freeman are co-sponsoring the bill tonight. 

People who want the ban say most people throw them away and they end up in landfills on that guy's face (above).

Others, including grocers, say it puts a lot of burden on customers and stores. And if they do business in other counties, they have to deal with multiple ways of doing business. They say, if it's enacted, it should be state wide.

This whole thing reminds of one of our favorite parts of The Interview with Seth Rogan and James Franco. To hear the part of about the plastic bag, skip ahead to 1:21.




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