'Catfish' Production Halted Amid Sexual Misconduct Claim

Catfish has been on air since 2012 and is currently in the middle of filming its 7th season. However, MTV has halted production due to claims of sexual misconduct against the show's host Nev Schulman.

Ayissha Morgan, who was on the show in 2015, posted a YouTube video detailing the alleged harassment in hopes of preventing other women from suffering any potential abuse.

In a statement Nev sent via his publicist, the accusations are untrue and said the following:

“The behavior described in this video did not happen and I'm fortunate that there are a number of former colleagues who were present during this time period who are willing to speak up with the truth,” Schulman said. “I have always been transparent about my life and would always take responsibility for my actions—but these claims are false.”

See Ayissha's video below (WARNING: content may be graphic).

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