How It Happened: Nashville Toddler Left In Hot Car To Die.

photo: MNPD

An 18 month old child dies while left in a hot car all day in Nashville. We all have the same questions: "How could this happen?"  "Who could forget their child for an entire day?"

The parents of the adopted girl, Katera Barker, are cooperating fully with Metro Nashville police while they investigate this tragedy. So far, no charges have been filed against the father who "unintentionally" left the little girl in the car.

Here's what the parents told police happened that day.  


Apparently, the girl's adoptive father went to drop off Katera and another 5 yr old child at a day care center. He dropped off the 5 yr old but forgot about the youngest in the back seat of the four door pickup truck.

He then went back to their house on Virginia Avenue where he immediately took a ride share to the Nashville airport for a business trip.  Minutes later, Katera's adoptive mother left for work in another car. 

At the end of the day, she went to pick up the two children, but was told only one was dropped off.  After speaking with her husband on the phone, they figured out the child was still in his truck. They called 911 (audio above).

Katera was pronounced DOA at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

Her father flew back immediately. Metro detectives continue to work on the case.

.While the statements made by the parents have told us about the confusion that led to her tragic death, we're still left with more questions. And deep sadness for all.

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