Andrew Lincoln Leaving The Walking Dead.

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The photo above shows Andrew Lincoln describing the amount of episodes he'll continue to play sheriff.

Andrew Lincoln, is calling it quits as Rick Grimes, the cornerstone character of The Walking Dead. US Weekly is reporting that Lincoln is leaving the uber-hit AMC zombie drama after the next season. 

Lincoln, a fan favorite, is the only member of the cast from the original opening credits still on the show. He'll be on for 6 episodes of season 9, and that's it.

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Us Weekly wrote:

The actor, 44, is only set to appear in six episodes of the ninth season. “Andrew is leaving because he’s had enough of it and wants to focus his energy on movies,” an insider close to Lincoln tells Us. Additionally, a source tells Us exclusively that Lincoln’s costar, Norman Reedus, negotiated a $20 million paycheck to stay on.

While this is sad news for fans of Sheriff Rick, this looks like the beginning of the Daryl Dixon administration. Which is good, since he was barely seen in season 8. 

And remember, if Daryl dies, we all riot.



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