Nashville Millionaire Wearing Body Cam 24/7 During Divorce.

Nashville automotive millionaire Lee Beaman is wearing a body cam 24/7 and paying his soon to be ex-wife $12,000 a month while his divorce moves on. This is a very volatile divorce with much money at stake for both parties and allegations of abuse. Right now, according to court papers obtained by, he's "wearing a body cam when he is in the home to protect himself from these false and unsubstantiated allegations."

Kelley and Lee Beaman were married in 2001. He is 25 years older than she is. His minimum estimated fortune is at least 40 million dollars. 


Kelley Beaman is disputing the pre-nup she signed when they married. Court records further show her lifestyle and regular expenses spending are of huge. It lists her personal spending at $34,000 a month. Regular expenses are another $30,000 a month.


They are both still living in their palatial home. Her attorneys have filed papers saying that she placed a deadbolt lock on her bedroom door because of threats he allegedly made. That's why he's apparently wearing the body cam; to show all of his actions.


Scoopnashville has estimated the prenup would give her roughly $16k a month for each of the 186 months they were married. She'd get a million dollars up front. She'd also get a million dollars specifically to buy a house.

While the divorce is being settled, Lee is paying Kelley $12,000 a month.

These are just a few of the very interesting details about this saga. Read more at Scoopnashville



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