Youtuber Lil Tay Revealed As Fraud, Disappears


Lil Tay's Social media empire is crumbling after a video shows her being coached into what to say, line by line. It's makes us wonder anything she ever said were her own words.

Since the release of the video, she's gone dark. All her Instagram posts were deleted Monday with no public explanation. Even her profile pic is gone. her 2.3 MILLION followers have nothing now.


If you don't know who Lil Tay is... she be internet famous for trash talking other internet celebs and swearing a lot. And it's unusual because all this was coming out of a 9 yr old girl. But now we have to ask, "was it coming from her at all?", or was she just a puppet of her family who just fed her lines? Just two weeks ago, GMA did a big story on her:


Things haven't gone well for her mom-ager either. The Vancouver Real Estate Agent and birth giver of Lil Tay was fired for using her company's apartments and her supervisor's car for Lil Tay tapings without permission.

A spokesperson told Buzzfeed she is going through a rebranding and that's why she's temporarily gone missing. Will she have to do all videos now in such a way that proves no one is feeding her lines? Or will people just say she memorized someone else's swag?


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