Shark In Backyard Has Neighborhood On Edge

In Bonita Springs, Florida, people have homes that back up to a small waterway that eventually leads to the ocean. Great place to dip your feet or float to keep cool, right? Wrong. 

There’s an 8 foot bull shark menacing the neighborhood where they’ve never had sharks before. The problem? Locals believe fisherman on the coast are tossing large amounts of bloody chum (fish guts) into the water to lure bigger fish. 

Well, it worked.

Residents don’t like the neighborhood pet. They’ve asked the town to put up signs telling people on the docks to stop chucking shark bait into the water. But the town says, it’s out of their jurisdiction. They put the job on the fish and wildlife commissions. 

So, the government will probably take care of that right away, like they always do. Yeah, right.

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