Why They Never Say "You're Welcome" at Chick-Fil-A

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Have you ever noticed employees at Chick-fil-a? Of course you have. They’re so nice they don’t even seem human. But have you ever noticed their response when you say “thank you”? 

When you say...

They never respond, “you’re welcome”. Instead, they respond with the same words they use at the famous Ritz Carlton hotel in NYC. That’s where they got the idea. They say, “my pleasure “. 

Early founders of Chick-fil-A were so impressed with how special that made them feel as guests, they wanted their chicken eatin customers to feel the same way. 

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One Reddit user who works there, says it’s not in the handbook, it’s just the culture. ‘You’re welcome’ seems too indifferent, and we’re told to use elevated language.”

But let’s get real here. We like hearing “my pleasure”, but we coming back for chicken and WAFFLE FRIES!!



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