OK East Nashville. I Give Up.

I thought I was sophisticated. I thought I could at least pretend to be on trend. But you win, East Nashville. You're too hip for me. My restaurant experience Saturday night proves it. I'm not saying what restaurant, but I'm also not hiding it much.

I want to say this first. The people at this restaurant are great human beings. Service was good. People obviously like the place because it was several weeks before we could get a reservation. But since the rest of this blog might sound negative, I want to say it's really not.  

It says more about me than it does them.

This restaurant was weird. Really weird. Especially the menu. True foodies recommended it.


The atmosphere was nice, with just the right amount of exposed brick that is required for hipness. But the giant target/Captain America symbol art piece on the wall made of gun casings was a little radical. Especially for a place that probably doesn't allow guns.


After our party of six sat down, we all realized we thought others in the group wanted to go here. But actually, all of us had great trepidation. One of our group said, "I was told to eat before you come here. The portions are microscopic."

Before we look at the menu, a drink is in order.


So, how 'bout some water, right? Can't go wrong there.


On to the menu...


There is nothing but mystery on the menu. Even to the couple in our group that just dined in a dozen countries on a European cruise. (They fancy)


I'm seeing one entree coming out of the kitchen a lot. I think even the foodies were ordering this.


Our super nice waitress helps us out where Google failed us, explaining what things and words are. Here is a list of words in the menu descriptions.  If you know more than 2, you should get an honorary degree from Manbun University.

The last one is one of the things Kim Jong Un is supposed to give up from his nuclear program.

I digress. I ordered some shrimp and pizza.


At this point, we've given up trying to be as hip as we feel we should be. We're openly laughing at how unsophisticated we are. I proved it.


The facade was over. We didn't belong. It was an adventure in eating small quantities of undetermined delicacies. To say that we did. But at least it was expensive.


One tip. Eat before you go.


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