Fish Pedicure Makes Woman Lose Toenails


Yes, fish pedicures are a thing. People put their feet in a tank of water filled with fish that nibble at the dead skin we all have on our feet. The unorthodox procedure, has caused one woman to completely lose her toenails.

The toothless carp didn't eat them off. But the woman in her early 20's began to lose her toenails until they completely fell off. It's a condition known as onychomadesis.


The case was written up by her doctor in the JAMA Dermatology medical journal.  Protecting her client's identity, she didn't say where this fish pedicure happened. But for the most part, they're done in countries outside the US.

The were a big thing about ten years ago here, but many states made the procedure illegal because of health concerns about infections. Most often, the fish are used on more than one person getting the treatment, making it easy to spread infection from one person's feet to another.


It's going to be a long time for her to get her toenails back. They grow super slowly (about one millimeter a month), so it may take a year and a half for them to return fully.


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