The Last Blockbuster Video Store Left In America.

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And then there was one. As of Sunday night, there is only one Blockbuster Video store in America. And it's not even close to Nashville, so don't worry about them coming after you for fees because you were late returning "Are We There YET" starring Ice Cube in 2005.


The two remaining stores in Alaska closed Sunday. Now it's just one store in Bend, Oregon.  And they have no plans to close according to the website COS:

“We all have licensing agreements and leases, but as of now we have no plans on closing,” general manager Sandi Harding said.

Blockbuster video filed for bankruptcy in 2011. That's when DISH NETWORK acquired them and closed all of the 9,000 corporate stores. 

But a few independent franchises retained the rights to the name and stayed open. The store in Bend still uses the super-old computer system to track rentals. Some still use floppy discs (ask grandpa what those were). 

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People love seeing the store that is now famous, with signature blue and gold color theme (including worker uniforms).

“We still get a lot of people coming in almost daily saying, ‘Oh my gosh! There’s a Blockbuster,’ and, ‘How are you still here?’ and taking pictures in front of the store. It’s pretty wonderful,” the store's GM Harding said to



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