Here's How Most People Die Taking Selfies

They did a study to see how people die while taking picture of themselves. This study of selfie deaths was done by Turkish researchers who counted all the "death by selfies" reported in the media from 2013 top 2017.

A lot of the deaths were by falling. But a HUGE amount of selfie deaths were the result of something else. But first, let's start with the selfie deaths that were less common.

One of those explosions was a Russian guy posing with a grenade. Face palm. Back to the list.

Okay, we're getting to the big reasons people die trying to get that perfect shot for the gram. Take note adventure seekers.

This is somewhat decieving because some of the falling leads to drowning. But sometimes it's an animal that leads to drowning. Like the Chinese tourist who was dragged under water by I giant walrus.