Jim Chandler: Why I'm Deleting My Old Tweets

jim chandler

This is about personal growth. But this does stem from the controversy surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn. To be honest, I never even knew who made the movies until he was fired by Disney after public outcry over some of his old tweets.

Getty Images (James Gunn, far left)

Gunn was fired when critics of current liberal politics went through his tweets from 10 years ago and found a joke about pedophilia and one about rape. I don't defend his jokes, and he doesn't either.

Here's the thing. Nearly everyone who knows and works with him, back up what he's saying. He's not the man he was. He's changed. 

Jim, far right in chicken suit (sometime in the 2000's)

I don't think any of us would want to be held accountable for all the stupid things we've said in our past. I know that I've been immature, unkind, and harsh earlier in my life. That's not me now. Through experience and a constant reevaluation of my thoughts and ideals, I've hopefully become a little wiser and a little more loving. Not always, but I'm trying.

So I've deleted my old tweets.  

I don't want anyone to have ammunition to use against me from an earlier version of myself. I explained it (grammar problems and all) in a recent tweet.


Isn't that the point of the social outcry and movements? To change the culture's mind on topics that hurt us or degrade us? So let people change. Give them a chance to jettison what's wrong or no longer acceptable. Allow them to grow.


There are lots of free and paid apps that can help you delete many or all of your old tweets. It's also very easy to save your entire history of tweets for yourself.  You can find out how here.

So for fun, I hesitantly show you some of my earliest tweets from 10 years ago. 

Here's my first one (with my lack of proper terminology in full view).

Here's some others from my first week on Twitter you might enjoy or judge me for. 


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