Southern Belle Tells Cops: I'm Too Pretty For Jail

After police say she blew threw a stop sign doing double the speed limit and blew a .18 in a breathalyzer, South Carolina cops told her she was going to jail. That's when she said, 

“I’m a pretty girl, please, don’t make me go”.

It didn't work. Then she used other forms of privilege she thought would work.  Officer Baker Odom wrote in his report, Cutshaw went further. She said she was also a “thoroughbred” and “white, clean girl".

When he wanted to know what she meant by "white. clean girl", she said

“You’re a cop, you should know what that means based on the people that come in this room".

So she wanted special white privilege, it seems.

Elizabeth Lauren Cutshaw, a 33 yr old real estate agent, was doing 60 in a 30 after admitting to having 2 glasses of wine at a restaurant. In the test, she blew twice the legal limit. And she also was found in possession of a bag of weed and rolling paper.

She did go to slammer and now will have to fight charges including driving under the influence, speeding and possession of marijuana possession.