Love Nashville? Dave Grohl Should Be Your Hero.

Dave Grohl

Nashville has a reputation to many as a "star maker" city. But if you've lived here for a while, you know it's really a music making city. People come here to refine their craft. To get better. And in the process, maybe be discovered. They come here to play. 

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While Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) strolls through Nashville often and jams in bars like the Bluebird and Losers (scroll to bottom) with his musical friends, he doesn't do it for publicity. He does it for the love of playing. 

That's his inspiration for this incredible video.  At first he focuses on kids and encouraging them to learn and instrument and play for the love of "playing".  Then he goes on a musical experiment where he records this incredible 23 minute rock opus where he plays every instrument. Even if his type of music isn't your thing, you have to love his motivation.

The goal is to celebrate “the rewards and challenges of dedicating one’s life to playing music.”

From Rolling Stone.

The project opens with the Foo Fighters leader reflecting on the sheer childlike joy of picking up an instrument. “To any musician, young or old, a beautiful studio full of instruments like a playground,” he says.

“To me, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Most musicians are always chasing the next challenge; you never feel satisfied, and you never feel like you’ve completely mastered the instrument you’re playing. It’s always going to be a puzzle; it’s always going to be a challenge. It’s a beautiful mystery. But once it gets its hooks in you, that’s when the obsession and the drive really kick in.” 

Grohl then cuts to the “Join the Band” music lessons school in the San Fernando Valley, where instructors teach kids how to play in rock ensembles. Various pre-teens and teenagers discuss how learning an instrument teaches them discipline and fuels their creativity. 

Play concludes with Grohl’s epic, expertly edited in-studio video, in which he overdubs various instruments (electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, drums, Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizers, vibraphone, tambourine, tympani) in a one-man-band approach. The footage is a head trip in itself, piecing together the sessions so that various Grohls appear to play live together in one room.

Here's Dave and the Foo Fighters singing about Nashville, the Ryman, Southern Ground Studios, and the Blue bird. One of my favorite songs.

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