Possible Chupacabra Caught On Video In Oklahoma

The people of Deer Creek Oklahoma are becoming more convinced that they're chickens and farm animals are being slaughtered by the mythical creature, the "chupacabra".  

The same thing was happening in 2013, when a man shared a picture of what he thought was a Chupacabra. And now he's convinced it's happening again!

"When we saw this animal, we were - we all didn't know what the say because it wasn't a coyote, that I'd ever seen," Mike Curtis (the homeowner) told News4.

But most people think it's a coyote having a bad hair day (mange).  In fact, the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission said about the 2013 sighting:

"My opinion is that this is an animal with mange. To me, it looks more like a dog than a coyote because the tail seems short and the legs seem longer than most of the Coyotes I've seen, but the ears are the same size and upright shape as a coyote's ears. It's hard to make out the animal's neck clearly in the second photo, but it looks like it might have a collar on it, but that maybe a false impression. Mange is a fairly common skin disease that seems to cycle in our state. I've not had any calls about Coyotes with mange this year, but I had several last year. Coyotes commonly contract mange, but so do dogs that are neglected or are running loose. I can't say with certainty whether or not this is a dog or a Coyote, but I believe that it's one of those two species and it does appear to have a very bad case of mange. The 'collar' that I think I'm seeing in the second photo might actually be a patch of skin that is bare and swollen because of the mange," said Mark Howery, diversity biologist at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.

What do you think? Coyote with mange? Or a chupacabra?