Apple Tracks You Like Google. Tracks You Hard!

A few weeks ago, we all gave the evil eye to Google who tracks us, even when we tell them no. 

Well, it turns out Apple tracks you too. And the it's so easy to see how much they know about where you go and when you do it. And how often.

Just like Google, Apple says the ridiculous tracking is to help improve your customer experience. 

You can turn it off (yeah, right). But let's look how scary specific this tracking is by going through Jim's phone.  You can follow the same steps to see where you and your phone's been.

First go to SETTINGS.

The go to PRIVACY.


Scroll down to SYSTEM SERVICES.

Let's keep going. Grab a drink if you need it. They're not hiding this at all (sarcasm).


Let's see where Jim goes in Mt. Juliet.

So.... Baskin Robbins gets a lot of his business. Let's see exactly when he goes there.

It's mostly Saturday mornings. Must be the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins. Isn't this just a bit scary?

Of course you can turn off these services at every level. They probably don't track it in some secret server somewhere. Naw.