NEW PHOTO: Woody & Jim Pose With The Worst Humans EVER.

When Woody and Jim are out and about, they're always open to taking a picture with someone. Sometimes it's a listener of the show. Other times, it's someone they think is famous. Woody and Jim were looking through old pics on network drive at The River offices. They found lots of pictures. Some of them, they weren't proud of.

In fact, you could say they are some of the worst people.

The first pic they found was from their visit with Taylor Swift when promoting her Red album release. One of the sponsors of her Red tour was Papa John's Pizza. So Woody and Jim met up with Papa John himself... John Schneider.

Since meeting him, Papa John has been criticized for blaming black athletes protests for a drop in pizza sales. Then tapes came out of him yelling racial slurs during a conference call. And then he was also accused of significant inappropriate sexual behaviour in the workplace. He was kicked off the board at Papa Johns.

Then Woody and Jim went back a little further to find an in-studio visit from Jared Fogel, then a spokesman for Subway.  He has since gone to prison after he plead guilty in federal court to possessing child pornography and traveling to pay for sex with minors. Horrible.

Then there's the time Woody slipped away from Jim on a work trip for a few minutes. That's when Woody posed for a picture with Dennis Hoff, owner of the Bunny Ranch brothel. This is the brothel featured in Cat House on HBO. He just died, at his brothel, while on a 3 day birthday binge, and

wait for it..

in the same room Lamar Odom OD'd in.

Dennis Hof (brothel owner) and Woody

But it's not as bad as the wedding pic from former football legend Ahmad Rashad's wedding.  He was marrying Phylicia Rashad, co-star of the 80's smash tv show The Cosby Show.

In this pic: to the left of Ahmad is BILL FREAKIN COSBY! Then on the other side of Ahmad is MURDERER OJ SIMPSON!! 

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