Besides Remotes, The Dirtiest Things In Hotel Rooms

You've probably seen all the reports that hotel room remotes are germy and disgusting. Or maybe you just knew why they might be gross. We won't go there.

But there are other items that've been revealed to be germy in hotel rooms. Why?

  1. There are different people in those rooms all the time.

  2. People are disgusting, especially when they're not in their own place.

  3. Cleaning of these rooms is not consistently good, and the process is done as quickly as possible.

Beyond the remote (and shout out to Best Western that super cleans remotes and provides remotes with anti-microbial materials), let's talk about some of the other sources of germs. 

Room Keys (old school and the new credit card type)

The Bathroom Counters

Light Switches

We hope this didn't trigger the germaphobes.  Just remember, everywhere is dirty. Especially in public places.

So just bring some disinfectant wipes or spray when you travel and hit those germy spots.