Nashville Taylor Concert Puts Feud Rumors to Rest

Taylor Swift can do incredible things. One night in Nashville, she brought Tim McGraw together with Tim McGraw the song. 

But Taylor Swift also managed put rumors to rest that she and Karlie Kloss don't get along. One beautiful post from Karlie showed the world that they are ever, ever, ever, getting back together (if they were ever apart).

There was never concrete proof that the two were ever at odds.m But there was some circumstantial evidence. Like the time when, well here's some of those times.

But then there was a time when you couldn't prove with pics they were apart. Like the time she made the Look What You Made Me Do video wearing t-shirts with her friends listed on it, and Karlie was mysteriously absent.

And Karlie also was hanging with known associates of the Kardashian clan.

But spreading love is the Nashville way. And there was nothing but love from Karlie as she posted "No one puts on a show like @taylorswift 🎤✨ #ReputationTourNashville was out of this world, I am SO proud of you 🖤

She also Instagrammed her fun at Nissan Stadium. Hard.