Vanilla Ice is 1 of 400 People Quarantined On Plane In NYC

An inbound flight from Dubai is sitting on the tarmac at JFK. It's been there with almost 500 people on board. They are quarantined since 100 passengers became sick. Several passengers were taken to the hospital. 

All this after the crew and passengers finished a 14 hour flight!

One of the passengers is "Ice Ice Baby" and home improvement superstar VANILLA ICE!!

UPDATE:  News reports say Vanilla Ice has left the plane. Don't know if they pushed him out the door, or if they let him use the inflatable slide, then pushed him out. 

Here's the plane that's been sitting there almost 24 hrs after landing. Those poor people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was dispatched to the scene and the mayor of NY was informed the most likely problem is the flu. It's believed many of the passengers had made a trip to Mecca, Saudi Arabia before returning home. That area may have been the incubator for the virus.

Vanilla Ice posted this to his Facebook page.