Kanye Says He Wants to Get Rid of the Amendment Abolishing Slavery

After Kanye's...odd...performance on SNL last night, he posted a picture of him on Twitter wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. In the message, he said he wants to work towards abolishing the 13th Amendment...which is the one that abolished slavery.

Kanye loves to push boundaries and start controversy (whether or not these acts are all for publicity or what he really believes, we may never know) but there has to be a limit that you can't come back from and he seems to be pushing it lately. After people started questioning the original post, Kanye said the following:

However, according to Twitter users, Kanye is not talking about the slavery portion of the 13th Amendment but the section that references prisons being allowed to use inmates for slave labor. This issue is referenced in the 2016 Netflix documentary 13th.

This very well could be the point he was trying to get across but Kanye has a habit of explaining his thoughts pretty poorly.

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