Man Shot Dead Outside The Pharmacy. East Nashville Becoming The Wild West

The Pharmacy

Another person is dead in an East Nashville shooting. 

If I'm being honest, I have to say I'm shocked at the uptick in violence in East Nashville. It's become the hippest (and some would say most gentrified) part of Nashville. But the violence there lately has got us all wondering if the east side has changed for the worse. New and renovated homes, foodie restaurants, and hipster coffee shops are now being blocked off by police tape.

Police say a gunfight between 2 cars broke out Tuesday night around 6:30pm on McFerrin Avenue at the intersection near The Pharmacy Beer Garden and Mas Tacos restaurant.  One bullet hole went through the glass window of The Pharmacy.

Occupants inside a Chevy Impala were in gunfight with a man in a black Mustang. Police identified the dead man as Deangelo Knox, 25.   As a result of the gunfight, Knox crashed his car. Reports say he was shot by a security guard from The Pharmacy after Knox left his car and came towards the officer with a gun.

Deangelo Knox - photo: Metro Police

This is the gun police retrieved from Deangelo Knox.

photo: Metro Police

Comments in a Reddit post describe the scene from someone who claims to be an eyewitness:

I was across the street when it happened. There was a lot of fire back and forth between the two parties and at least 30 people standing around on the street at Pharmacy and Mas Tacos. It's amazing no one else was injured or killed.

No patrons at The Pharmacy or Mas Tacos were hurt. The investigation continues.

We can't imagine what people in the neighborhood must be feeling. This happened in broad daylight. And it follows other acts of violence that have shaken East Nashville. 

In mid-August, 2 people were gunned down in the parking lot outside The Cobra on Gallatin Avenue. They were Bartley Teal (age 33) and Jaime Sarrantonio (age 30). Police said they were in a group of four people outside who were targeted for robbery by 2 suspects. Those suspects opened fire when Teal said he didn't have any money to give them.

I don't live in East Nashville, but it has become one of my favorite parts of town. It's been my go to for lunch meetings and bringing people from out of town who want to see Nashville the way locals enjoy it. 

These events in that part of town have me rethinking that plan.

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