Cosmic Ice Cream Coming to Nashville

Cosmic Creamery, the latest creative ice cream twist in the area, is set to open in Nashville at the end of October. The new ice cream shop will feature "infused" ice cream that is out of this world!

The shop will be outer-space themed (hence the name) and will offer a new kind of ice cream infused with candy, fruit or cereal, which you'll be able to customize completely.

Coming from the same people who created NoBaked (so you KNOW it's good), Cosmic Creamery will actually be in the same building as the new NoBaked location in Germantown, so you can get your sweet fix all at once!

++ Yes, all of their creations have space themed names as well!!


More details on the grand opening here.

And you can follow their Instagram for more updates and sneak peeks of their flavors!

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