Take a Haunted Tour of Nashville's Ryman Auditorium!

This Halloween, you can tour one of Nashville's most famous buildings! But there's a catch!

There's an untold history behind all the spooky sightings people have reported while in the Ryman, and on Halloween night, you'll be able to take a tour with one of the theater's expert historians....you even get to go UNDER the stage!

If you're unfamiliar with why many claim the Ryman is haunted, let's go through some of the creepy things that people have seen there:

  • Many employees have said that they saw the ghost of Hank Williams Sr. backstage and a "white mist" on the stage that they said was Hank singing

  • The ghost of Hank has also been spotted in the alley behind the Ryman that leads to Tootsie's (a place he frequented after performing at the venue)

  • "The Gray Man" - a figure dressed in all gray that has been spotted during rehearsals or in the balcony (he is such a frequent visitor that many performers actually look for him before they play the stage)

If you're brave enough to book a tour, click here!

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