Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine "Ain't Easy"

If you live in the United States and haven't heard of Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, you're forgiven, but it's about time you get to know one of Canada's breakout artists of the year.

They were signed off of Canadian TV Show The Launch, an American Idol-esque competition show spearheaded by Big Machine's Scott Borchetta and super-producer/OneRepublic lead singer Ryan Tedder.  Tedder and Camila Cabello teamed up to help with the lead single "Ain't Easy".

The song is already a smash in Canada - a platinum single that hit #1 on iTunes in our northerly neighbor and won them a Much Music Award for Best New Artist.

Favorite part of the song? The part right AFTER the chorus. I mean the hook is great (Lovin You Ain't Easy)...but there's something about the power and depth in Jamie's voice on that lyric "Late at night when I need more you...." that just captivates you and won't let go.

The song is just getting started here in the US, but with a pedigree of songwriting chops like Ryan and Camila offer, it's only a matter of time before it becomes a huge hit here as well!

Check out the full song below, and follow Elijah x Jamie on Twitter and Instagram

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