This Grandma Looks Young Enough to Be Son's Girlfriend

If you're looking for the fountain of youth, you may want to ask this lady! Lisa Fox, 42 from Australia, often gets mistaken for the girlfriend of her oldest son who is 24. He also just had a baby, which means she's a grandma!

While the mix-up is awkward, Lisa says she loves it because it keeps her feeling youthful.

She stated that being a young mom helped her gain the status of "cool mom" by her children's friends. In an interview with she said the following:

“I was always considered the cool mum and there has been a long-running joke with James’ friends that I’m a bit of a MILF."

Lisa was 18 when she had her oldest son James, 25 when she had her daughter Hollie and 30 when she had her youngest son Jack.

She also looks like her daughter's twin!

See the rest of the photos here.

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