Halsey Calls Out G-Eazy's Cheating on SNL

Halsey had TWO eventful performances on Saturday Night Live last night! Not only did she paint a portrait while singing "Eastside," she also COMPLETELY called out her ex G-Eazy for cheating on her...multiple times.

As you remember, Halsey and G-Eazy started dating back in August 2017 before breaking up in July 2018. The two briefly got back together but ended up splitting again in October.

Well now it seems as if G-Eazy cheated on Halsey in multiple different cities.

In the background of her stage during "Without Me" (which is about G-Eazy), you can see all the words saying "I'm so sorry Ashley I cheated" and then all the places he cheated "in Minneapolis," "at home in Los Angeles," "in Austin," "in New Orleans," "in Boston NYC," "London," "Chicago," and "more places I can't even remember."


Gerald better watch out!!

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