Stray Dog in Nashville Ends Up Becoming Movie Star

You may recognize this happy face from the movie A Dog's Way Home - but 2 years ago, she was just a stray dog looking through trash for food here in Nashville.

Megan Buhler, a Cheatham County Animal Control officer, had been dispatched nearby when she found Shelby searching for scraps near a landfill. Megan was eventually able to get Shelby in her car and take her to a shelter where she was fed and vaccinated.

Shelby then got her own little photoshoot, in an efford to get her adopted - but something more magical happened!

Filmmakers in Hollywood wanted a rescue dog to play Bella in the film adaptation of the book A Dog's Way Home but were struggling to find the right dog with the right temperament. Luckily, Teresa Ann Miller, an experienced dog trainer, found Shelby and with 3 months of training, Shelby was in a big-time movie.

Allegedly, Shelby is now taking a break from acting - she lives in California with her trainer and is a therapy dog in hospitals, special needs schools and veterans' homes.


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